Monthly Archives: August 2013

Vintage Ingredients: New Pattern Collection

I’m hoping these fun fish and stylish vegetables find their way onto some fabric or wallpaper soon.

Editorial Illustration for VC Andrews Day

On The Toast: “Well, here’s our itinerary. At ten, we have some fan artwork courtesy of Rachael Schafer (of Five San Francisco Locals fame). At eleven, we have an incredible piece by Ann Patty, the editor responsible for unleashing Flowers and its sequels and prequels on the world, followed by an interview with Ann at Read More

Editorial Illustration: Five Locals

Some of my favorite locals are in The Toast today. I love people watching in San Francisco.

Favorite opening to a favorite movie…

Remember the 1970s movie Breaking Away? My favorite scene [spoiler alert!] happens right in the beginning. Dennis Quaid and the other townie ne’er do well boys are walking through a rock quarry after a hard days work at the local grocery, the A&P…when Dennis bursts into a Hank Williams worthy ballad about being buried in Read More