Monthly Archives: March 2014

Emperor Norton sailed here…

on a ship called the Hurlothrumbo.

sit lazarus, sit bummer

Ever since I learned about Lazarus and Bummer on a trip to the cable car museum, I’ve been fascinated by their lore. I’m hoping to do a L&B series soon, maybe just them getting into some Barbary Coast capers. I do love these historical pups!

sketchbook beehive muses

On a rainy, cold spring day…my fabulous muses bring on the sunshine.

Sending actual mail is kind of a thrill…

When it’s not a bill, I mean. I’m doing a great big postcard swap, and this one will soon be sent off to Connecticut!

San Francisco housing crunch

A little doodle inspired by my walks around SF while thoughts of the housing crunch that we hear so much about dance in my head.