Monthly Archives: September 2014

Happy Taxidermy Tuesday

It’s taxidermy tuesday all day long at rach hq. Go to paxton gate or whatever curiosity shoppe your town might offer, read an Edward Gorey book, or celebrate it in your OWN way.

last week was…

Full of the not super great kind of bugging out. Lets hope this week is full of the better kind of jitterbugging type of bugging out!

Summer nostalgia and Billie…

Listening to Billie Holiday sing this song makes me nostalgic for summertime and sitting with my Grandaddy Joe, listening to his stories of seeing her perform in NYC in the 1940’s.

Austin Tx. & Homesickness vs. Ennui

I was in Austin Texas for a few days for fantastic fest. The desire to visit Austin was generated way back when by seeing slacker and dazed and confused and I can say with great joy that Austin still retains the core character that I noticed way back when while watching these movies. It really Read More

The ups and the downs

Focusing on doing what I love and matching this up with quality paying freelance and/or licensing work is my quest and to this end, getting an agent is a great way to go. But getting an agent can be a tricky thing. You want one who really lets you keep your name on things and Read More

Vote for Rock Sloth and for me!

Please cast a vote for me and rock sloth if you might. What do you do if you’re a sloth who loves naps [like all sloths do], but you also love to rock? You make your bed on top of all those 80s boom boxes you’ve found in your jungle, because the trees just don’t Read More