Monthly Archives: October 2014

Inktober: tools edition

I love my field notes space pen.

We all have them…

Sometimes, I think I have a bad hair life.

Special Occasion Wine

Soon, I hope to be special enough.

Inktober: Nostalgia edition: Beer Business

My grandfather in Nashville had a very distinctive and strong southern accent, not far off from a foghorn leghorn sort of drawl. Since my dad was killed when I was six months old, I spent more time with grandparents than I guess a lot of kids with two parents do. I’d like to say we Read More

Inktober: nostalgia edition

Things I miss: watching this show with my Grandad.

I’m little…

But I’m coming for the crown.

I want one

I’ll take one of everything I see.

Parking lot hot shot

Doughnut doing, beer can chucking, hot dogging parking lot hotshot!

Such a lovely face…

Her daddy back in Tennessee always said ‘she has a face like a Sunday Picnic’, and this is what got her through her worst days.

Dont threaten me with love, baby,

Let’s just go walking in the rain. Oh, Billie Holiday.