Monthly Archives: November 2015

The last flower in the winter garden

I have this memory from childhood, a recurring memory about the first cold snap after August. I’d walk out into my grandparents formerly lush and multi-layered flower bed and there I’d find flowers drying to various shades of watery grey, sepia, dark crunchy brown. Through the visible wisps of my breath in the chilly Tennessee Read More

My Map is in a book, yay!

Fun news! My illustrated map of a stroll through North Beach has been included in this new book of map illustration called They Draw and Travel: 100 Illustrated Maps of American Places.

Playing Tourist

When fall, winter and the holiday season roll around, I love to play San Francisco tourist. There is never time to do everything I want, but even the little things are so much fun.

sticking to the sunny side this week…

Flowers, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, watercolors, long walks up big hills and good books are my rx.

Beard Moods

I cannot help but be inspired by all the spectacular artists in my real world orbit and my online world. When I saw the creative re-use that Shannon Newlin employs with pizza rounds it really made an impression on me. So just as I was about to recycle the cardboard disc from last night, I Read More

Poster for The Rumpus Literary Event in NYC

I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out. I only wish I could be in NYC to attend, cold or not!

I am 8 Bit Space Postcard Show

I am thrilled that I was asked by I am 8 Bit to be in the Space Postcard Show. The world I visited and illustrated was an easy choice for me: Tau Ceti from the 1960s movie Barbarella. You may purchase your own Space Postcards here!