I’m just coming up for air to post after a couple of busy months. Busy for good reasons, I might add! We took a trip to the UK and Copenhagen, which I will post more about after I get my Rolleiflex photos developed…ummm, sometime soonish. Lets just say it was an inspiring and wonderful trip filled with great times and fantastic people and adventures. Wow. Sometime just before we left, I got an agent! I’m pretty excited to now be represented by the wonderful people at Astound. My agent has me busy busy busier already and will be showing some of my work at the gigantic art licensing show in NYC this month, Surtex. It’s been a dream/goal [droll? gream?] to show there for a few years now, so I’m pretty thrilled that some of my stuff will be there in the Astound booth…booth 250! So if you are also going to Surtex, look for me and say hi! © rachael schafer: surtex card