arcane jobs and vintage books Two days ago, I found three books in a thrift store. I picked them up because I love and collect vintage books and these had great covers and exciting titles: ‘The Lady of the Decoration’, ‘The Prisoner Of Zenda’, and ‘The Californians’. A bonus is that they are from 1898 with the Lady of the Decoration being the most new, from 1909. I think they’re now the oldest books I have. And a bonus is that an interior page of ‘The Californians’ has two flowers affixed to it with a tiny rusty pin. Flowers from 1898. GLORIOUS. In ‘The Californians, a ‘hansom cab driver’ is mentioned. This sent me off into an obsession spiral based on antiquated jobs. Growing up I heard stories about my great grandaddy Bean being known as ‘the singing postman of Fountain City Tennessee’, and now I wonder how much longer ‘the postman’ will be a profession. I hope it remains a viable one forever. If I had my way we’d still get our ice from ‘the ice man’ and milk from ‘the milkman’ and walk to the corner market and butcher shops daily to shop for our dinners. Maybe this way of life had it’s down sides, but the idea of living like this charms me to no end. Long live the milkman!