Last week, we went to Seattle both for the pax show and to just wander around the Pikes Place Market. I know the locals say Pikes is way too touristy and way too crowded, but it’s gotten to be such a special place to me. I love the smell of lavender wafting through mixed with incense and flowers. And wow, the flowers are *amazing*, huge and bursting with color [must be all the rain?]. Speaking of the rain though: every time we’ve been to Seattle it’s been hot and sunny. Is the Seattle rain a myth? My favorite shop in Pikes though, is the antique store in the lower level. It’s crammed full of vintage salt and pepper shakers of different design, estate jewelry, and these 1950’s-60’s lady head vases. My grandmother in Nashville used to keep her glasses in one of these gals so they make me all sorts of nostalgic. I had to get one, and now my fountain pens have a cozy and sassy home! I put up a few more Seattle photos taken with the vintage Bell & Howell Dial 35 that was recently gifted my way by a sweet Swede. I *love* this camera. It shoots half frames so you get like 72 photos per your typical 32 photo roll. I call that a good deal, and I love a good deal. I also love the color quality and just the certain something that the photos taken with the B&H have. It’s quickly becoming a favorite analog camera! Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.59.10 PM