We recently returned from a short but sweet trip to Bilbao Spain where I was nothing short of dazzled by the gorgeous piles of aluminum curls that is the Guggenhiem Bilbao; where the event we attended was held. Wow! Take this modern master work and juxtapose it alongside the labrynthian medieval streets, with treasures tucked in to every crevice and add the friendly, laid back vibe and this makes for a spectacular time. I could not love that city more. Plus, a bonus was that we were there when it was decked out in holiday flash. One main boulevard had trees draped in gorgeous blue lights as far as the eye could see. Magic! I was very taken with the Senoras in their full length fur coats and bright lipstick walking around and sitting in the plaza sun. They stopped and stared at my seven year old daughter with such warmth and genuine interest, I got teary eyed. Spain is a sparkling jewel made of light and I hope to go back for a longer visit soon. I’ve put a few photos here, and of course had to illustrate some highlights both from Spain and from our layover at Charles De Gaulle and return flight on Air France. © rachael schafer : spanish and french people and products