Beard Moods

I cannot help but be inspired by all the spectacular artists in my real world orbit and my online world. When I saw the creative re-use that Shannon Newlin employs with pizza rounds it really made an impression on me. So just as I was about to recycle the cardboard disc from last night, I Read More

Howl at the Moon

I’m very excited that my wolf made it into the Casetify ‘trick or treat’ Halloween collection. Get one for yourself, and be the wild thing. Aaaaaaaaoooooo!

Be the Unicorn

Some days you see the unicorn, and some days you gotta be the unicorn.

Summer into Fall

This summer has flown by and has been a time of change in the midst of taking a bit of a pause to reflect on it all. We spent a month in Tennessee, my summertime happy place. Growing up, I never realized how much I took the hum of the night creatures for granted. I Read More

It’s wise to focus on Joy

I’m going off the internet grid, so I’ll just leave this wise owl here…I’ve been working on a lot of new stuff that hopefully brings some joy. But for now, the mountains call me before fall and winter blow all the leaves off the trees.