Inktober: Slice

…using a SLICE SPELL! This witchery also gives her power to bring some bacon back to her sisters in the forest, along with her reclaimed poison brew that had been stolen from the pig.

Inktober: Jolt

She realized with a jolt of clarity that she can slay the pig…

Inktober: Double

With her reclaimed brew firmly in one hand and her wand in the other, her courage grew DOUBLE.

Inktober: Gift

She recognized her greatest gift.

Inktober: Thunder

A bolt of lightening cracked and a clap of thunder rolled!

Inktober: Prickly

Her neck grew prickly with fear.

Inktober: Chop

She heard the chop chop chop of the pigs cloven hooves against the door!

Inktober: Muddy

Her boots left muddy prints on the floor.

Inktober: Expensive

She stumbled through the expensive dusty antique – cluttered hallway.