Happy New Year!

Wow, since the crazy as it is already holiday season kicked off with toxic and choking fire air, and I was forced to cancel my trip to New Orleans for a beloved old friends birthday party… things have been a bit of a blur. I feel like I am catching my breath now a little. Read More

Print&Pattern: Nature Book

I am thrilled that I can finally announce my inclusion in the book Print&Pattern: Nature. This book is the third [possibly even fourth?] book by the industry taste-maker and leader Bowie Style of the Print&Pattern blog. You may pre-order now from your local mom and pop or pop and pop or mom and mom bookshop.  Read More

Time Capsule Sketchbook

What a whirlwind spring so far! The winter months just tiptoed away and here we are. In mid-April, I finished a major project after a few months of head-to-desk heavy involvement and then we got on a plane to Croatia. Split Croatia was such a deep blue water and clear warm breeze sky place. I Read More

last week was…

Full of the not super great kind of bugging out. Lets hope this week is full of the better kind of jitterbugging type of bugging out!

Sending actual mail is kind of a thrill…

When it’s not a bill, I mean. I’m doing a great big postcard swap, and this one will soon be sent off to Connecticut!

working like it’s 1865

I’ve been putting my collection of vintage nibs and dip pens to great use lately, working on calligraphy elements for the wedding of the two fantastic owners of Anthem Press. Once I get beyond the left-handed frustrations [smears! angles!], I’m amazed at how calming and focusing [is that a word?] the act of calligraphic work Read More