The last flower in the winter garden

I have this memory from childhood, a recurring memory about the first cold snap after August. I’d walk out into my grandparents formerly lush and multi-layered flower bed and there I’d find flowers drying to various shades of watery grey, sepia, dark crunchy brown. Through the visible wisps of my breath in the chilly Tennessee Read More

I love a parade

Especially a cake parade!

Casetify Designs

Here’s a thing! Some of my designs are available on Casetify. You really should deck out all of your iThings with my work.

New News

I’m just coming up for air to post after a couple of busy months. Busy for good reasons, I might add! We took a trip to the UK and Copenhagen, which I will post more about after I get my Rolleiflex photos developed…ummm, sometime soonish. Lets just say it was an inspiring and wonderful trip Read More

Daily Dolly: I Hope Life Brings You Joy

Dolly says it best, and I truly mean it too…

Print & Pattern

I am pleased as spiced rum punch with a holiday’ish spring of pine tucked in it to announce my inclusion in the new section of Print & Pattern called Designers for Hire. ‘Bowie Style’ aka Marie, has long been a print and design hero of mine. Her books and featured patterns are imho, the cream Read More