Getting Hygge with it!

I’m seeing all the snow day pictures from my friends and family in the south, and pining for that snow day feeling here in Northern California. There are things that I do not miss about the wintery weather, for sure: scraping the frost layer off the windshield, tires sliding on ice, frozen pipes, and a Read More

The last flower in the winter garden

I have this memory from childhood, a recurring memory about the first cold snap after August. I’d walk out into my grandparents formerly lush and multi-layered flower bed and there I’d find flowers drying to various shades of watery grey, sepia, dark crunchy brown. Through the visible wisps of my breath in the chilly Tennessee Read More

Summer into Fall

This summer has flown by and has been a time of change in the midst of taking a bit of a pause to reflect on it all. We spent a month in Tennessee, my summertime happy place. Growing up, I never realized how much I took the hum of the night creatures for granted. I Read More

Daily Dolly: I hope life treats you kind

The world needs a little Dolly today.

Lets go…

Camping! And by camping, I do mean a cabin in my beloved Tennessee home-state. But still–camping or tent, necessaries are…necessary. I should have included some mosquito spray. I’ll do that next. Before Tennessee cabin-ing happens, we have a camping trip in the presidio with a bunch of first graders. Which, if I’m being 100% honest– Read More

Daily Dolly: Blue Smoke is the name

Of the heartbreak train that I’m riding in…

Daily Dolly: Bittersweet Memories…

That’s all I’m Taking With Me…