Feature on The Daily Duffel

I was approached a while back by the nice people at The Daily Duffel. My feature went up today, yay! If you read it, you too will know some of my favorite places and things to do in them. Plus, it’s short and sweet. What’s not to love?!

Inspiration in my hometownland

In May I submitted some invoices and cleared the work-decks for a trip in and around my home state of Tennessee. To re-visit the complicated south that I grew up in and my family and their homes can be an emotionally trying thing, but it is important and necessary to breathe this air whenever I Read More

Trip to Bilbao Spain

We recently returned from a short but sweet trip to Bilbao Spain where I was nothing short of dazzled by the gorgeous piles of aluminum curls that is the Guggenhiem Bilbao; where the event we attended was held. Wow! Take this modern master work and juxtapose it alongside the labrynthian medieval streets, with treasures tucked Read More

Playing Tourist

When fall, winter and the holiday season roll around, I love to play San Francisco tourist. There is never time to do everything I want, but even the little things are so much fun.

Summer into Fall

This summer has flown by and has been a time of change in the midst of taking a bit of a pause to reflect on it all. We spent a month in Tennessee, my summertime happy place. Growing up, I never realized how much I took the hum of the night creatures for granted. I Read More

Lets go…

Camping! And by camping, I do mean a cabin in my beloved Tennessee home-state. But still–camping or tent, necessaries are…necessary. I should have included some mosquito spray. I’ll do that next. Before Tennessee cabin-ing happens, we have a camping trip in the presidio with a bunch of first graders. Which, if I’m being 100% honest– Read More

Stormageddon and Tivoli Gardens

There is a much hyped pineapple express storm rolling in to San Francisco today. I could not help but be influenced by this extreme weather event. A pattern that I’m working on that was originally inspired by our recent visit to the magical Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen took on elements of the current rainy day. Read More

Wrapping up the Summer

Wow, This summer has so far been a whirlwind of back to back travels. So much go go going with just a few days to process the last trip before the next flight. Some of these trips were for work and some for fun and ALL a mix of both. After New York City in Read More

Surtex and NYC

What a whirlwind trip to NYC last week was! At one point, my husband said to me ‘doesn’t it seem like we’ve been here for a long long time?’ and it though it was only a week it did seem much longer… in a fantastic way! The week kicked off for me with Surtex. Since Read More

my xoxo

I had the pleasure of attending the xoxo fest last week. In answering the three questions required to attend: “What do you do?, What are you working on right now? and What’s something you made that you’re proud of?”, I could point to something I made recently that I was proud of and was able Read More