Surtex and NYC

What a whirlwind trip to NYC last week was! At one point, my husband said to me ‘doesn’t it seem like we’ve been here for a long long time?’ and it though it was only a week it did seem much longer… in a fantastic way! The week kicked off for me with Surtex. Since Read More

my xoxo

I had the pleasure of attending the xoxo fest last week. In answering the three questions required to attend: “What do you do?, What are you working on right now? and What’s something you made that you’re proud of?”, I could point to something I made recently that I was proud of and was able Read More

Seattle for PAX and Pikes

Last week, we went to Seattle both for the pax show and to just wander around the Pikes Place Market. I know the locals say Pikes is way too touristy and way too crowded, but it’s gotten to be such a special place to me. I love the smell of lavender wafting through mixed with Read More

Editorial Illustration for VC Andrews Day

On The Toast: “Well, here’s our itinerary. At ten, we have some fan artwork courtesy of Rachael Schafer (of Five San Francisco Locals fame). At eleven, we have an incredible piece by Ann Patty, the editor responsible for unleashing Flowers and its sequels and prequels on the world, followed by an interview with Ann at Read More

Editorial Illustration: Five Locals

Some of my favorite locals are in The Toast today. I love people watching in San Francisco.

moominesque oak creatures

I’d never seen an oak ball, or ‘oak apple’ until pretty recently. Growing up in Tennessee, I’d never noticed them so when I found some on a walking trail I had to collect a few for the novelty factor. I wasn’t sure what to do with them until my 5 year old dug some holes Read More

yes by yes yes

A week or so ago, I went to a crazy sounding conference. A summer weekend in Palm Springs, you know that is the desert, right? Just next to DEATH VALLEY. July is definitely way off season for that oasis. Topping out at around 110 degrees, it was hot and almost oppressively so. But…there was a Read More

Hello World!

Or, I should say ‘hello again!’ It’s been a while since I’ve had a site that I regularly tend to, but that is what I intend to do with this one. It’s been a busy spring and summer here, but busy in all the right ways. I’m getting some good work projects going, we’ve done Read More