Happy International Artists Day, ya’ll

I love illustrating the not-super-well-known holidays for Yellow Pig Day!  

Summer has me under her thumb

Wow, Summer is half over and I feel like I’m still catching my breath from NYC back in May! In the time since then, I’ve visited family and friends in Tennessee in the deep green of it all. While there, we watched as a caterpillar feasted on a milkweed plant and then affixed itself to Read More

Getting pretty excited for Blueprint and NYC!

Come see me in New York, and lets make some FANTASTIC stuff together! I am so excited to see my illustration friends and art directors and excited to meet all the new ones I have yet to greet. I’m super grateful and thrilled to be a part of BluePrint this year. The bonus cherry on Read More

Print & Pattern

I am pleased as spiced rum punch with a holiday’ish spring of pine tucked in it to announce my inclusion in the new section of Print & Pattern called Designers for Hire. ‘Bowie Style’ aka Marie, has long been a print and design hero of mine. Her books and featured patterns are imho, the cream Read More

Such a lovely face…

Her daddy back in Tennessee always said ‘she has a face like a Sunday Picnic’, and this is what got her through her worst days.

The great moustache meetup

The moustache meetup was a tense yet joyful time on Coney Island.