Daily Dolly will be observing a moment of silence and reflection this week to honor the passing of the inimitable Rex Ray. Since San Francisco is a bit like a big small town, I had a few mutual friends with Rex. As a long time admirer of his work, this thrilled me to no end. I wiggled my way into his secret super elite mf’in fan club via one of these friends and was delighted that they/he let me remain. I somewhat got to know him a bit in the online sense there in this sacred space of dirty talk and jokes and bad bad photos. He seemed to be getting better/ feeling better a month or so ago, he posted as such in the clubhouse [up in the club]. I had a soaring hope that I would get to hang out with him in person and festoon him with love and good wishes and filthy jokes. Then…things went all pear shaped and here we all are today. So, reflection on creativity, purpose and what it all means will be my theme for the next few days. See you in the sweet by and and by and a big serious FU to cancer.

dolly says fu cancer

fu cancer