Wow, Summer is half over and I feel like I’m still catching my breath from NYC back in May!

In the time since then, I’ve visited family and friends in Tennessee in the deep green of it all. While there, we watched as a caterpillar feasted on a milkweed plant and then affixed itself to a fothergila leaf and pretzeled into a J shape and froze there in a zen state. His insides turning into liquid and churning. By the time we got back to knoxville from chattanooga, a chihuly looking sculpture had replaced the caterpillar. Chrysalis!

My friend Joy, of the Native Plant Rescue Squad© rachael schafer, who knows all about making things grow and how they change, says that a caterpillar is a he and a butterfly is a she. Not necessarily literally but it makes sense to me.

We’re all changing all the time is kind of what I got from that. So yeah, Tennessee is a blur of caves, rolling green, cicadas, rivers, and all the pangs I have being in the place where all my own formative changes happened.

Now we’re back in SF and I’m working on a bunch of fun projects, many of them from people I met at Blueprint. I can’t say anything on them yet but will when I can! It’s such a huge privilege to be able to work with the people I want to work with and to do the work I want to do, I’m pretty grateful for that every day. I just need to factor in some time to get organized because wow, my desk is bonkers right now.